Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sewing Class

We were able to take a sewing class this week with 5 other girls. Our teacher was Mrs. Julie and she is so nice. Her home is beautiful, too. She is very good at sewing and we learned a lot. On the first day we learned a lot about the sewing machine. We also started making our purses. The second day we finished our purses and started our skirts. The third day we finished our skirts.

Learning about the sewing machine was pretty cool. We learned how to thread the machine and use it.
At the sewing class I had fun talking to my friends, Libby, Jayden, Lydia, Patti Ann and Olivia! The purse is a reversible purse so you could have two different fabrics to choose from. The skirt was so fun to make, I made a matching purse and a doll skirt with scrap fabric.

I enjoyed sewing class a lot! I hope I can continue sewing a lot at home on my own now.