Monday, May 6, 2013

Awana Awards

 Awana award celebration  
Awana is at our church every Wednesday evening. 
We memorize Bible verses, play games and sing our theme song each week. 
Last week we had a award celebration and everyone got an award.

These are the awards that I received: 

1. I got a bracelet for cooperation.
2. I got a silver pin for doing extra verses. 
3. I got a Excellence award for finishing the second book.
4. I got a excellence pin. 
5. I got a certificate for participation. 

It was really fun. After the awards we had punch and cupcakes!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our new dog: Jenna

This is our new dog Jenna. She is a Jack Russell mix. And she is a very wild puppy. She is about six months old. We got her at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter. And she had three sisters and one brother. She is a very sweet dog and we love her. Jenna is very easy to train she already knows how to sit. Now she knows how to jump. We love her so very much she is a sweet dog and a great puppy.