Monday, July 22, 2013

Layers of the Ocean Project

Last year we studied about sea creatures so I made a project about what I learned. I  made it with the three layers of the ocean: Sunlight zone, Twilight zone and Midnight zone. Each zone has some sea creatures in it.


  • dolphins
  • sharks
  • whales
  • jellyfish
  • crabs
  • seahorses


  • lantern fish
  • oysters
  • oarfish
  • viper fish
  • jelly fish
  • gulper eel


  • angler fish
  • blob fish
  • dragon fish
  • squid gulper
  • brittle star 
  • cuttle fish

Here's how I made it. I got a cardboard box and cut two squares on each side of the box. I taped origami sea creatures on each zone. I painted each zone with blue paint. I covered each hole with saran wrap and wrote the name of each zone on a piece of paper and taped it on.

This was a fun project to do!